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Personal Efficiency Course Overview

The Personal Efficiency Course is comprised of eight sections containing short films that illustrate each concept and accompanying interactive exercises for a complete understanding and application.

Section 1. On What Does Success Depend?

Is it who you know? Personal charm? Education? Hard work? Interest level? Personal ability? Or is it just plain luck? In truth, real success can best be achieved through the knowledge and the application of the practical tools in this first section. They can be applied immediately to bring about greater security, competence and efficiency in work and everyday life.Find out more

Section 2. Confusion

Confusion is uncertainty. Learn the real source of confusion and gain the ability to handle any situation with certainty. Discover how to bring order to any confused circumstance or environment.Find out more

Section 3. The Anatomy of Control

What is control? It’s the “secret” to efficiency. You will learn the three component parts of control that enable you to use and understand control, and how it relates to every activity in life. Plus, you will have the ability to distinguish between “good control” and “bad control” and learn how to maximize your efficiency for accelerated success.Find out more

Section 4. Affinity, Reality and Communication

How do you improve relationships? How do you effectively explain your ideas to people? How can you accomplish your goals? Creating, understanding and improving relationships hinge on three things: Affinity, Reality and Communication (A-R-C). Master these powerful fundamentals and increase your understanding of people, work, and every aspect of life.Find out more

Section 5. A-R-C and the Tone Scale

How does one deal with puzzling and unpredictable emotions? It can seem impossible to predict if someone will be truthful or untrustworthy, helpful or antagonistic. Emotions are categorized into a multiple-level Tone Scale and range from Apathy to Enthusiasm. Knowing A-R-C and identifying where a person is on the Tone Scale is the best possible way to predict future behaviors. Take the mystery out of people’s behavior and learn this vital tool.Find out more

Section 6. The Eight Dynamics

The basic command, “survive,” which is obeyed by all of life, is subdivided into eight compartments so that each aspect of life can be more easily understood. These compartments are called the Eight Dynamics (dynamic meaning urge, drive or impulse). We are all trying to survive as long as possible and attain the most desirable state imaginable. By understanding the parts of life and their relationship to each other, you can not only survive, but thrive at an optimum level for a more fulfilling life experience. You can create a life truly lived.Find out more